Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you have been involved in a car accident, your insurance policy may provide you with certain rights and coverage that will help to cover the costs and expenses of a wreck.

Drunk driving is a selfish act that can result in serious injury or death to innocent drivers and passengers. The victims of these accidents are left with life-altering injuries and a long road to recovery and rehabilitation. In the worst scenario, a family loses a loved one.

On top of criminal proceedings, these victims and their families have legal rights to pursue civil claims and damages against the responsible driver.

Atlanta DUI Accident Lawyers — Advocacy If You Have Been Injured By A Drunk Driver

At The Law Office of Gilbert M. Taylor, LLC, we are serious about pursuing maximum damages against drunk drivers who have caused injury to others. The state of Georgia allows punitive damages in drunk driving cases, meaning we can seek even more than the cost of the accident. Our firm has been highly successful in pursuing punitive damages, and we will fight to recover the highest amount possible to hold the drunk driver responsible.

If you or a loved one has been injured because of a drunk driver, please call us today. For a free initial consultation, call our Gwinnett County, Georgia, law offices at 844-288-6222.

Our attorneys will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of the accident, working with law enforcement to determine the level of intoxication of the driver and what should have been done to prevent the accident.

We will build a strong case against the drunk driver, litigating for maximum damages. These civil proceedings are carried out on top of any criminal charges against the individual.

While monetary rewards cannot reverse the effect of the accident, heal the injury or bring back a loved one, they can help to provide a measure of justice and of closure for the victim and his or her family. Throughout this process, we provide compassionate representation and zealous advocacy on your behalf.

Following a drunk driving accident, call our office to learn your legal rights.